Dental Crowns & Porcelain Veneers in Fresno, CA

Some patients have complex cosmetic dental needs, while others require care to make their smile both healthy and beautiful. Our Fresno dentist meets both needs through conservative restorative treatments. Kathryn A. Siemens, D.D.S., Inc. provides porcelain veneers and crowns in Northeast Fresno, Northwest Fresno, Clovis, Old Fig Garden, and all other nearby communities.


Porcelain Veneers – A Unique Cosmetic Enhancement

Some cosmetic dental situations cannot be treated by standard aesthetic means. The tooth may need to be whitened, but teeth whitening gels cannot lift internal stains. Alternatively, the tooth may have a spacing or chipping issue too large for bonding to repair but too small to warrant braces or crowns, respectively.

For teeth in these circumstances, our dental practice provides porcelain veneers in Fresno. These thin shells cover a tooth to improve its width, shape, and color. Your tooth’s appearance changes into a look that matches your preferred self-image.

Porcelain Crowns – Beauty and Functionality Restored

Young man sittin gin dental share smiling and looking into a mirrorThe health of a tooth is inherently tied to its appearance. Porcelain crowns, as well as zirconia crowns, enable Dr. Siemens to restore both the look and utility of a tooth.

Crowns cover teeth which have experienced significant decay or injury, as well as teeth that underwent root canal therapy. Because these caps envelop the tooth to restore its resilience, the material used to make the crown must be particularly sturdy. Unfortunately, the metals traditionally used in crown manufacturing tend to stand out in the smile, creating an undesirable image.

Crowns made from porcelain or zirconia, however, have similar appearances to natural teeth and are strong enough to withstand everyday use. For most patients, these crowns can restore your smile without diminishing its beauty.

Our Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry

Every cosmetic dental appointment at Kathryn A. Siemens, D.D.S., Inc. begins with a diagnostic evaluation. Dr. Siemens follows a conservative approach to dentistry; she will try to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible in any treatment. This evaluation is critical to understanding what service you actually need and how to best preserve the treated tooth.

Once Dr. Siemens has determined that you need a veneer or crown, a trusted dental lab fabricates the prosthetic. The restoration is planned out to rebuild your tooth in the least invasive manner that still delivers the desired result. Once made, the crown or veneer is placed by Dr. Siemens.

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